Mountain Dreads

Earthy Dread Pack with Dollylocks Sampler Set

$149.95 $174.95

Everything you need to care for your Dreads

Wide Cotton Headband - Earthy
2 x 0.6mm Crochet Hooks in bag
Set of 5 Nag Champa Dollylocks travel size sampler set in Small Kantha Bag (assorted colours) 
4 x Stretchy Dread Ties - Mixed
2 x Cotton Dread Ties - Earthy Colours
Mixed Dreadlock Beads  - Hole Size: 6mm / 8mm (3/16 - 5/16 Inch)

Set of 20

  • 5 x Indian Agate Gemstone Beads
  • 5 x Stainless Steel Beads

  • 10 x Stainless Steel Dread Rings

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