Mountain Dreads

Crochet Hook Dread Tools | Set of 2


Steel Crochet Dread Hooks

  • Set of 2

  • Sizes available: 0.6mm and 0.75mm

  • Choose Cotton Pouch or Bamboo Tube for storage
  • Quality guarantee

  • Length: 12cm (4 1/2 inches)

Are your dreads needing some maintenance done? Need help tightening your dreads or pulling in those loose hairs? 

Read our Blog on How to use a Crochet Hook for Dreadlocks.

The Crochet Hook Dreadlock Tool assists in creating and maintaining dreads using the crochet method, a natural dreadlock process. 

These are the same crochet hooks used by many Dreadlock artists and come with a quality guarantee. 

Need a case for your Crochet Hooks? Our Bamboo Tube cases are the perfect hard case to protect your hooks.

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