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Raw Roots Dreadlock Removal Kit


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Raw Roots Dreadlock Removal Kit

The Kit contains:

Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar: The unique formula in the Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar ensures careful cleansing and softening of the hair, which makes combing easier. Enriched with essential oils, it gives a harmonious and revitalizing feeling. The shampoo bar is also suitable for use even after your dreadlocks have been removed, to maintain a fresh and clean feel.

Conditioner Bar: Conditioner Bar is created with natural vegan ingredients and organic oils that seal the hair and leave it supple and soft. It facilitates the detangling process and provides necessary nourishment to the hair, especially important after dreadlock removal. For added convenience, you can create a mixture with warm water by tearing some of the conditioner bar and mixing with warm water in a spray bottle and using the solution during detangling.

Metal Comb: The included metal comb is indispensable during the detangling process. Designed with strong teeth, it does not break during use, making it easier to comb your dreadlocks from the tip up towards the scalp.

Spray Bottle: Create your own spray conditioner by mixing Conditioner Bar with warm water and use during the detangling process for added convenience.

Bottle holds 250ml and is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Step by Step - Removing Dreadlocks:

  1. Wash hair with Deep Cleansing Shampoo Bar to remove dirt build-up and soften hair.

  2. Finish with the Conditioner Bar to further soften the hair and make the detangling process easier.

  3. Make a mixture of Conditioner Bar and warm water in the spray bottle to help the process along.

  4. Start the detangling process with the included metal comb and brush your dreadlocks out from the tip up towards the scalp.

Experience the freedom of having clean, soft hair after using RAW ROOT's Dreadlock Removal Kit.

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