Mountain Dreads

Dollylocks Shampoo | Lavender Sky


Lavender Sky is a blend of essential oils creating a sunny harmony of uplifting lavender, bright citrus, and a hint of cool mint.

Liquid Shampoo - New Formula - Nut Free

8oz (236ml) or

16oz (473ml)

Flip style cap
A rich and stimulating Organic Shampoo made with Pure Botanicals and Organic Coconut. Weightless and Residue Free, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and dreadlocks squeaky clean! Hypo-allergenic and Ph-balanced for gentle but effective cleansing. Invigorating Essential Oils that will awaken and lift your spirits!

To Use: Wet hair. Massage shampoo into scalp, then work shampoo into dreadlocks, from roots to ends; squeezing dreadlocks to help remove any debris or buildup. Rinse and repeat 1-3 times; as needed.

Also available in Nag Champa, Tea Tree Spearmint, Coconut Lime Grapefruit 

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