Mountain Dreads

Raw Roots Dry Dreadlocks & Scalp Care Pack


Raw Roots Dry Dreadlocks and Scalp Care Kit 


1 x Wide Cotton Headband - Latte

1 x Cotton Dread Tie - Earthy

4 x Stretchy Dread Ties - Neutral 

2 x Wide Stretchy Dread Ties - Black, Beige

2 x 0.6mm Crochet Hook Dread Tools in Bamboo Case

3 x Raw Roots Dread Care Products

215 ml Hydrating Shampoo

200 ml Rescue Tonic

100 ml Hydrating Oil

All Raw Roots products are free of harmful chemicals. Their products are based exclusively on natural, vegan and pure ingredients.

Hydrating Shampoo is made from plant extracts that restore the natural moisture balance of the dreadlocks and scalp. It relieves discomfort and flakiness and it helps against itching on the scalp.

Hydrating Oil is 100% organic and intensive care for skin and hair. Restores the natural balance of the scalp and relieves and prevents itching, dryness, or flaking scalp and other skin irritations.

Rescue Tonic is an amazing all-over spray for irritated skin. A combination of plant extracts that helps troubled skin and scalp by cooling, soothing, and moisturising exposed areas.

"This Raw Roots hair & scalp bundle was my saving grace ,best thing for my dreads & scalp." - Wendy

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