Mountain Dreads

Stretchy Dread Ties Bundle

Colour Regular:
Colour Wide:

“These are absolutely life changing! Strong, without ripping through my dreads, no more headaches from other tight ties. I’m in love” 😍 - Cassandra

  • Stretchy Dread Ties
  • Set Of 6
  • 4 x Regular 1cm width
  • 2 x Wide 2cm width
  • Firm Hold

  • Won’t Snap

  • Choose Your Colours
  • Awesome for Dreads as they are thick and hold strong, and can even support a dread bun.

 "The best dread ties! These are my absolute go to for heavy dreads. They don't go out of shape, and last for ages." - Carly


Nicola “Absolutely perfect for my dreads. Nothing else has done the trick like these. Stretching normal hair bands has been difficult. These do the job effortlessly!”

Chris “seriously if you have long dreads you need these in your life!”

Shakari “Great hair ties don’t stretch out super soft”

Cass “Freakin amazing! Great size and hold”

Sarissa “Strong holding hair ties”

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