Mountain Dreads

Dollylocks Tightening Gel | Coconut Aloe Lime

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Coconut Aloe & Lime Tightening Gel

This natural blend of Organic Coconut and Aloe works exceptionally well for taming loose fly-away hair, while keeping your dreadlocks neat and tight.

Improve hair elasticity and promote repair from elemental or chemical damage.

Made with organic, residue free, and water soluble ingredients, leaving behind nothing except perfectly tight dreadlocks.

Excellent for new dreadlocks!

4oz (118ml) or 8oz (236ml)

Suitable for Vegans

To Use: Apply to clean damp dreadlocks. Dispense a small amount into palm and rub hands together. Smooth a light coating evenly from roots to ends. Use moderately as needed. A little goes a long way so please use sparingly!

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