Mountain Dreads

Fairy Forest Dread Pack

$159.95 $199.95

Limited Edition Dread Pack

1 x Wool Felt Spiralock 50cm - Dark Fairy Garden

1 x Wide Cotton Headband - Fairy Forest

4 x Brown Stretchy Dread Ties

Cotton Dread Tie - Dark Forest

6 Metres (20ft) Hand dyed Silk thread for DIY Dread Wrap - Eucalypt

Dreadlock Beads Set of 25 - Hole Sizes: 6mm - 8mm (1/4- 5/16 Inch) including↡

1 x Handmade Wooden Bark Bead 

1 x Handmade Wooden Bead with Tree design

9 x Gemstone Beads, Jasper, Aventurine, Picasso, Dyed Jade & Ceramic

8 x Stainless Steel Beads

6 x Stainless Steel Dread Rings 

1 x Handmade Round Ceramic Rainforest Jasper Bead Bowl - Height 2.5cm, Width 8cm, Weight 115g

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