Mountain Dreads

Handmade Linen Tie Up Dread Visor


Dreadlock Tie Up Visor

Handmade from 100% Linen

One Size Fits All (21 - 26 Inches)

This large brim hat is very similar to the Linen Wrap Visor, but with short tie up straps instead of long wrapping straps.

Ties are secured with a knot and tucked in at the back.
Brim is interfaced so as to be stiff but still soft and is easily ironed if need be. Rolls up in a bag for easy travel

Choose from 5 colours
    Handmade in Canada by Earthworker

      Have you ever struggled to find a hat that fits your dreads? This visor has been specifically designed with dreadlocks in mind.

      It wraps around your head and ties up, it’s One Size Fits All and is a great option for dreadheads.

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