Mountain Dreads

Raw Roots Steel Comb



Perfect for untangling dreadlocks and when you want a durable comb that won't break. Strong Steel Pointed Comb that won't break when you make dreadlocks or sections for dreads and braids. Can also be used for teasing and backcombing dreadlocks.

Perfectly designed to facilitate the untangling of dreadlocks and ensure a durable combing experience without the risk of breakage. Made of strong steel, this comb is created to withstand pressure and wear, making it ideal for both creating dreadlocks, untangling, and making precise sections for dreads and braids.

With its sturdy construction, this pointed comb is a reliable tool that won't let you down during the styling process. In addition to being indispensable for creating and maintaining dreadlocks, it can also be used for teasing and backcombing, making it versatile and practical for anyone who wants to experiment with their hairstyle.

With our Metal Pointed Comb, you not only get a reliable tool but also a stylish accessory for your styling collection. So take control of your hair with this durable comb, designed to withstand any challenge.

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