Mountain Dreads

Satin Lined Bamboo Dreadlock Beanie


Bamboo Beanie with Satin Lining

One Size with adjustable elastic edge

Material: Bamboo with Satin Lining 

Wearing a sleep sock can help reduce frizz and keep your dreadlocks loose and contained while you sleep.

Great for both Synthetic and Real Dreadlocks shoulder length or shorter.

For longer dreads, we recommend our Satin Lined Bamboo Sleep Tube, which is open at the end.

The Satin Lined Bamboo Beanie is the ultimate protection for your dreads, designed to provide comfort and style while sleeping or outdoors. Made from soft bamboo fabric and lined with satin, this beanie is designed to protect your dreads, preventing frizz and loose hair. 

Adjustable and One Size: Regardless of head shape, the beanie fits easily thanks to the adjustable elastic band.

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