3 tips to care for your dreads - without using a crochet hook

How to maintain dreads without using a crochet hook.

While a crochet hook is great for pulling in loose hairs and tightening up dreadlocks, it's not for everyone.

Here's 3 tips to keep your dreads looking good in between maintenance sessions.

1. Separating your dreads at the roots

This would be the number 1 thing to keep an eye on. Ensuring your dreads stay separate and don't start joining at the roots as your hair grows.
Take hold of 2 dreads next to each other and slowly start pulling them apart down to the scalp. There may be a few hairs joining that easily separate or more force may be required to tear them apart.
Work your way around until each dread is moving freely.
Doing this regularly will help when it comes time for a maintenance session as less work will be required.


2. Palm rolling

If you're dreads are new or have a lot of loose hairs, palming rolling each dread is an easy way to help dreads form, but also keep the hair within the dread. A good time to do this would be straight after washing, or any time you think of it.

Place your dread in between the palms of your hands and roll back and forth moving up and down the dread to ensure you get the whole dread.


3. Products for frizz 

Using products like the Raw Roots Aloe Manuka Gel or Dollylocks Tightening Spray, you can apply straight onto the hair, or combine with the palm rolling action to help control frizz and flyaways.

'Aloe Manuka Gel is luxurious gel for frizzy hair, curl and dreadlocks.' 

To use: After washing and towel-drying your dreads, apply a small amount between your palms and add to your hair or roll it into your dreadlocks.

Dollylocks Tightening Spray is designed to tighten dreadlocks, strengthen hair, nourish scalp and prevent dandruff! Reduce the amount of loose frizzy hair, while increasing scalp hydration and refreshing dreadlocks.'

To Use: Shake well. Hold bottle at arms' length and spray onto wet or dry dreadlocks.

"My hair when washed goes very fluffy & this spray is my saving grace, I love it & it smells divine." - Meg M (Dollylocks Tightening Spray Customer)


So, even in between a full re-growth maintenance session there are things you can do to maintain your dreads and keep them looking fresh.



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