✧ ↠ 6 of the best Dread Ties ↞ ✧

There are so many different ways to tie up your dreadlocks, so here's a quick overview of the Dread Ties available here at Mountain Dreads. We know how important it is to have dread ties that are gentle on your dreads, and don't cause breakage.

1. Stretchy Dread Ties

The Best Dreadlock Ties Mountain Dreads

These are our most popular dread ties. They are super stretchy while maintaining their shape, hold strong and won't snap like regular hair ties.

Just once around is enough to support a dread bun. You can check out my Simple Dread Bun Tutorial here.


“Absolutely perfect for my dreads. Nothing else has done the trick like these. Stretching normal hair bands has been difficult. These do the job effortlessly!” - Nicola

 2. Wide Stretchy Dread Ties

The best Dreadlock Ties - Extra Large Dreadlock Elastics Mountain Dreads

These wide dreadlock elastics also hold strong, won't snap and are gentle on your dreads. 


"The wide stretchy dread ties are the best hair ties I've found for my dreads. They hold well, no slippage and come in the cutest storage pouch. Just love them! Since purchasing them I use nothing else!" - Nicole 

3. Cotton Dread Ties

Cotton Dread Ties - Thin Headband - Mountain Dreads

Colourful Cotton. These dread ties hold dreads back and look awesome. They wrap around a few times or can even be used as a thin headband.  


"Looovely! Yeeey ive been looking for something like these for ages, they do the job puuuurfectly and dont kinkk ya dreads into weird shapes either" - Bryony

4. Large Dread Tie Beads

Large Dreadlock Beads as a Dread Tie Mountain Dreads

 Extra large dreadlock beads make great dread ties to pull a few dreads back out of your face.

5. Spiralocks

The Spiralock is made using an inner bendable wire core which easily wraps around any size dreadlocks. Soft on dreads, yet supportive. Available in Wool Felt and also a Vegan range of hemp and cotton.
Created by Peta and Helen from Spiralocks, the original bendable wire dread tie. Spiralocks are now handcrafted in the remote village of Gunu on Naviti Island in Fiji. 


"I'm absolutely in love with my rainbow spiralock! It's the easiest way to put up my dreads securely and with very little pressure on the dreads! The rainbow colours make me so happy and the quality is outstanding! 10/10" - AJ

6. Dreadlocks

With long dreads you can use your hair as a tie. Tie a knot with one or a few dreads, or wrap some around to create a ponytail.





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