Beautifully natural dreadlocks - Step-by-step creation and maintenance

DREADLOCKING COURSE by Organic Dreadlocks

Learn everything you need to know about dreadlock information, creation, maintenance, repair, structuring the scalp, all varieties of extension, makeovers, unique restructuring techniques, colour blending and more. 

The Organic Dreadlocks Course Material includes:

Organic Dreadlocks Book: Journey, Diary, Manual + 

19 course videos to suit your needs, interest and pre-existing skill-set.

Course Outline

Module 1: 


Module 2:

Essential Skills in Dreadlock Creation

Different methods of making dreadlocks

Dreadlock Mapping

Tools of the trade

Preparing the hair for new dreadlocks

Thin vs Thick

Layout at the scalp-sectioning and sizing

Step by step diamond structure

How to twist and rip

How to crochet

The ends

Aftercare & washing

Module 3:


Different methods of maintenance

When to and how often should dreadlocks be maintained?

Meeting and greeting a first time maintenance client

Separating dreadlocks at the scalp

Scalp health and hygiene

How we maintain dreadlocks at the scalp: Two methods

Maintaining the body of the dreadlock

Straightening out shrunken, bunchy, zigzagging dreads

Module 4:

Extensions and Transplants

Our journey with human hair dreadlock extensions & ethical considerations

The basics of our extensions craft and why we do it the ‘hard’ way

Sourcing hair

Colour matching

Creating a dreadlock extension with human hair

Creating a layered effect and a ‘v’ shape

Extending already existing dreadlocks or creating new long wispy ends

Extending with pre-existing dreadlocks

Module 5:

Other techniques & offerings

How to join two or more dreadlocks together

Shaved sections

Dreadlock removal / unpicking dreadlocks

Cutting length off dreadlocks

Dreadlock overhaul and restructuring

Module 6:

Customer Care & Self Care

Questions to ask before booking in a new client

Creating a studio environment

Meeting a new customer receiving new dreadlocks or a big transformation

Personal health & safety measures

Supporting your client

Buy the book and video content, study and teach yourself.

Organic Dreadlocks Book: Journey, Diary, Manual, by Amy King and Stefan Spescha

This incredible book contains all the step by step know-how in creating beautiful natural dreadlocks. Along the way it is infused with their story as artists as well as over 500 stunning and inspirational images of people with dreadlocks from all over the world.

Seven years in the making it is visually and informatively one of a kind and contains QR codes that can be scanned to view the corresponding course video for course members.

You will be provided with a hard-copy and eBook version of the book and access to all video content.

Armed with all the necessary information you can work through the course step-by-step then practice and build your skill-set on your own.


  • 19 High definition videos
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • 16 hours of Video content
  • Easily accessible via QR code & link

To accompany our book we have over 19 training videos containing 16 hours of fully guided step-by-step instruction. All video material is professionally produced, clear, simple and easy to follow.

Video Library

  1. Twist & Rip

  2. Crochet

  3. The Ends

  4. Separating the Drealocks at the Scalp

  5. Maintenance at the Scalp Part 1

  6. Maintenance at the Scalp Part 2

  7. Trimming Dreadlocks

  8. Unpicking Dreadlocks

  9. Upstyles

  10. Creating a Human Hair Extension

  11. Creating a Balayage Hair Extension

  12. Extending with Pre-Existing Dreadlocks

  13. Mathews Dreadlocks (sneak peak above)

  14. Becky’s Dreadlock Makeover

  15. Franky’s Maintenance and New Open Ends Part 1

  16. Franky’s Maintenance and New Open Ends Part 2

  17. Kristy’s Dreadlock Makeover Part 1 (sneak peek below)

  18. Kristy’s Dreadlock Makeover Part 2

  19. Suzy’s New Old Dreadlocks

Book available separately here.

For over 12 years Organic Dreadlocks have been creating uniquely beautiful, highly sought-after dreadlocks, operating full-time from an often 6 month waiting list.

We take great pride in our services and methods, our incredible customer feedback and ever-growing dreadlock community and family. Stefan is widely regarded as being among the best of the best, especially artful while being fast and efficient.

People from all over the world comment that our dreadlock creations have a certain ‘something special’ that cannot compare with any other work they have seen anywhere else. 

Even experienced loctitians ask ‘how do we do it?’.

Its true dreadlocks made at Organic Dreadlocks are outstanding and special. All our techniques (from the most simple and obvious to the most detailed and coveted) are now available for anyone to learn in our complete dreadlocking course.


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