How to wear a Dread Wrap Headband

A headband is a great addition to your dreadlock hairstyle. It looks great, keeps your head warm and can also keep the frizz and flyaways under control between maintenance sessions.

Not sure how to wear a dreadlock wrap headband?

Watch the tutorial video above, or follow these 5 easy steps.

  1. Open up your headband to create a loop and place it around your neck.


  1. Twist the headband to create a figure 8 and push it back over your head so it’s now twice around your neck.


  1. Take one layer and bring it up onto your head in place.


  1. Making sure there is just one twist at the back, bring up the other layer and place over the top of the headband already in place.


  1. Adjust your headband so it’s even, comfortable and looks great!

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