What are Spiralocks?

Spiralocks Australia Bendable Wire Dreadlock Ties

The Spiralocks journey began back in 2011 around the kitchen table when Peta and Helen both new to dreadlocks were struggling to find anything suitable to tie up their dreads with.

After a little trial and error, Spiralocks were born. Originally created just for personal use, they soon realised they needed to share Spiralocks with the world.

With a few simple materials Spiralocks have become a 'game changer' for many dread heads.

 So what is a Spiralock?

Spiralocks Bendable Wire Dread Ties Mountain Dreads

Peta and Helen describe the Spiralock as "made using an inner bendable wire core which can easily be wrapped around any size dreads comfortably and securely. They cause no damage to your dreads and hold firm all day without causing tension headaches from pulling."

There is both a Wool FeltVegan range available in 4 handy sizes.

Small 40cm great for short thin dreads

Medium 50cm great for medium dreads, just past the shoulders

Large 60cm great for long thick heavy dreads and up styles

Extra Large 80cm great for really long dreads and big dread buns

Ethical Handmade

After many years Spiralocks are now made in the remote village of Gunu on the outer islands in Fiji helping women and their families out of poverty.

Read Kalie's Story

Kalie SPiralocks Gunu VillagePhoto by Spiralocks


My name is Senikaile Cola. I'm 36 years old. Im from Waya Island. I have a Gunu husband and have lived in Gunu now for about 13 years. I live with my husband, my two sons and my mother in law.

 When I came to Gunu in 2006 I started to pick seaweed to support my family. Every week I pick seaweed to get $80.00 a bag. In that $80.00 I spent it on flour, rice, sugar and other small things for my family needs.

In 2017 Peta came to Gunu to teach SpiraLocks, so I decided to make SpiraLocks. I now get much more money to support my family. I even make extension on our house for a kitchen with SpiraLock money. I do no more picking seaweed!!

Gunu Village Fiji Spiralocks Ethically Handmade Dread TiesPhoto by Spiralocks


Vani Gunu Village Fiji Spiralocks Dreadlock Ties Mountain DreadsPhoto by Spiralocks

I am Vani Rauga. I am 41 years old and I live with my extended family.  I have 5 children and two grandsons. Before I was diving for seaweed every week. I used  to swim to pick up sea weed for 7 or 8 hours a day in the sea to collect them to make one bag to sell to the mainland. I take 3 days to collect 1 bag to sell.  

I struggle to find our families needs to buy flour, rice, sugar etc. But now I got good work that I now not get no more seaweed again.  No more 7 or 8 hours in the sea again.

When I make SpiraLocks it's a big help in my family and I can buy whatever I want. Not like before. I buy a new gas oven. I buy a good phone. I am very very lucky to have this work. Thank you!


Simple and effective for your dreadlocks

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    Spiralocks Bendable Wire Dreadlock Ties
    Spiralocks - Bendable wire dreadlock ties Mountain Dreads

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    "The SPIRALOCKS are unique and colourful, love all the earthy tones, such an interesting way to fasten or style my dreads.. and was stoked at just how well they hold a whole head of dreadlocks up in a pony! XOxo" - Tara
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    "Great makes it so easy to tie your dreads up with the felt spiralocks and love the colours" - Robbie

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