7 Easy Dreadlock Hairstyles

1. Simple Dread Knot

Dread Knot Hairstyle

Take 2 dreads, one from each side and tie them together at the back. Depending on the length of your dreads you may want to tie them with a second knot as shown above. 

2. Half Up Messy Bun

Dreadlock Hairstyles

This is a favourite of mine. Super quick and easy. Take a handful of dreads from each side and using an elastic pull the hair through but not all the way as you tie your hair back.

3. Dread Bun

Easy Dread Bun

I find this one easy with long dreads. One of my favourites, and with only 1 elastic.

Go to put your hair in a pony tail, but don't pull the hair all the way through, so it's doubled up with the ends hanging out. Then wrap the ends around the elastic and tuck them in wherever they reach around. You can find our dread elastics here.

See full tutorial with video here.

4. Half Up Dread Knot

Dread Knot Hairstyle

Taking 2 handfuls of dreads from each size pull back and tie a knot.

You can tuck in any ends of your dreadlocks that stick out.

5. Half Up Dread Plait

Dread Plait Hairstyle

Using only the top half of your dreads divide into 3 even sections and plait.

Here I'm using the Spiralock bendable wire dread tie to hold in place. You can find more Spiralocks here.

6. Dread Plait

Divide the hair into 3 even sections and plait!

You can wrap a single dread around the elastic at the end for a finished look.

7. Dread Plait Ponytail with no elastic

Easy no Dread tie Hairstyles

Taking 3 dreadlocks from underneath on each side make 2 plaits. Holding each plait wrap around from outside crossing over the rest of your dreads and tuck them in underneath.
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