Top 5 Dreadlock Essentials

 Dreadlocks are a lot of fun. There are so many ways to style them and even without doing anything your hair is already done.

Here are my top 5 essentials that help you care for and style your dreads.

  1. Crochet Hook Dread Tool

Every few months my roots are needing some maintenance and some loose hairs or bumps are needing to be pulled back into the dread. The Crochet Hook Dread Tool assists in creating and maintaining dreads using the crochet method, a natural dreadlock process. A handy tool to have.

  1. Shampoo

Having clean dreads is important. It also helps dispel the idea that dreads are dirty. There are a range of shampoos out there for dreadlocks; liquid ones, shampoo bars, even regular shampoo can work as long as you find one with no parabens. Parabens work at untangling hair, not something we want with dreads! I personally use Organic Dreadlocks Natural Oil Shampoo and love it! It’s packed full of essentials oils and smells beautiful. However often you wash your dreads is up to you.

  1. Dreadlock Hair Ties

I could not live without my dread ties! Effortlessly pull back your dreads, tie them up in a dread bun or use one to finish off a plait. These dread ties are stretchy and hold strong. They are nice and thick to prevent cutting into the dread and creating weak spots. You can use just one to create some pretty amazing dread updo’s.

  1. Dreadlock Headband

A headband is gold for dreadheads. Something to pull back dreads from your face, keep your head warm in the winter months, and hide those flyaways when you’re between maintenance sessions. When I first got my dreads, I wore a headband for weeks, until my dreads settled down.

  1. Dreadlock Beads

It’s nice to find a dread bead that reflects your style and one, or a few, you’ll treasure wearing in your dreads for years. They become part of your journey and look amazing. There are so many beads out there, it’s nice to find some as unique as your dreads are.

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